Interesting Eco-Art: 300-tonne ad for an airport shuttle service

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Here’s the project: urge airport commuters to take a bus service, instead of driving down in their cars. Just the kind of category and task which usually gets the run of the mill advertising. Not so with Acne, an advertising agency which put together a show-stopping advertising campaign for Flygbussarna (roughly translated as The Flight Buses), an airport coach bus service in Sweden. To highlight the fact that it’s much more environmentally friendly to travel by bus than in a car, Acne figured that a single bus can replace 50 cars in terms of people transported. The result: an installation made up of 50 wrecked cars resembling a Flygbussarna coach bus was placed next to the highway leading to the Swedish airport.


Check out the video here. Apart from the idea, what was cool was the website, which had a live webcam counting the number of cars passing by this coach and calculating the emission levels. Instantly turning a not-so-well known brand in distant Sweden into a talking point of blogs like this. Nice.

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