Google Nest, Mattress Firm and more: 5 top creative ads of the week

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Contrary to popular perception, people don’t hate advertising. They only hate advertising that’s annoying. Worse still, they ignore most of the advertising and commercial messages that interrupt whatever they are trying to accomplish. My compilation of creative ads every week is a small acknowledgment of the effort put in by brand teams to produce advertising that breaks the clutter to entertain or engage the audience. Here are a few creative ads which caught my this past week or so:

Mattres Firm: Junk Sleep

As I noted earlier, ‘Don’t underestimate a good night’s sleep’ and variations there of are common in category advertising for mattresses. In that context, ‘junk sleep’ is a memorable way to describe poor quality of sleep. Mattress Firm had created a couple of compelling ads with that theme, using a celebrity. A new TV spot ‘junks’ the celebrity yet creates a riveting ad dramatising what we do while awake late into the night – including work, ‘cat video’ distractions on our phones and so son. ‘Unjunk your sleep with the right mattress is also a memorable line.

Agency: Droga5

I also liked this rendition of how junk sleep affects our work – where we put up a ‘show’ of being alert.

Amazon: that reading feeling awaits

We all can relate to the concept of books transporting us to an imaginary world. We all have our favourite stories and have the scenario played out in our minds as we read them. A new ad from Amazon bring alive this concept with some jaw-dropping special effects.

Agency: Droga 5

Lucozade Alert: vox pop

What I found interesting about this initiative for an energy drink, with ‘alertness’ as a promise, was that it did not adopt the conventional 30-second spot. Instead, it tested the ‘alertness’ of regular folks in a ‘vox pop’ approach with Amelia Dimoldenberg – an English journalist, comedian, YouTuber, and television presenter. While the video itself does not have ‘laugh-out-loud’ responses or gags, I quite liked the clutter-breaking approach for the category.

Agency: Adam&eveDDB

Magnum: ice cream bites

‘Can I have a bite of that?’ is a common reaction when we see others enjoying a seemingly delectable treat – be it ice cream or a burger. Magnum addresses that with a new variant of ice cream that is bite size. I quite liked the Instagram reel-style reveal of the pack shot.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Sydney

Google Nest: ramp

We often hear of products being designed with empathy – placing the user needs at the centre. A new film for Google Nest (not sure if it was a commissioned film or one made by a production house to showcase their skills) brings that alive in a heart-warming story with a twist.

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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