Vodafone’s MNP strategy: everybody’s welcome

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Mobile Number Portability presents a unique challenge to mobile service operators in India. It presents an opportunity for consumers to churn en masse and its interesting to see marketer’s response. IDEA chose to create dissonance with their Get Idea series. Vodafone India on the other hand has taken a more ‘inclusive’ approach by ‘welcoming everybody’.

‘Everybody’s welcome’ seems like a confident, ‘leadership stance’ kind of statement to make. But there’s no concrete reason provided to consider Vodafone – just relying on the ‘like-ability’ of the advertising. Which is eminently likable – thanks to the pug and the catchy music. But is that enough to sway a potential consumer who now has 3-4 brands to choose from in every circle? Do comment in.

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  1. I think that any consumer would draw a comparison table
    before he would switch. That way the message of MNP here is more
    important. Loved the ad. Kudos! to Ogilvy for always coming up with
    interesting, non-MBAish ads.

    • Hi Guest, agreed that campaigns for MNP are not the sole reasons for brand switch. Perceptions on quality of network, plans make a difference. Such ads bring a smile and make the brand likeable.

  2. VF has always been keeping emotions at the heart of their ads

    You Loved the PUG, You Loved the Zoo Zoos, Welcome to Vodafone,

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