Be Beautiful: HUL’s digital push

Sunsilk, Ponds, Dove, Vaseline and Lakme are power brands on their own. All of them are trusted household names in India. But apart from the business fraternity, it is quite likely that the end consumer is unaware that all of them come from the same stable. In an interesting move, Unilever India has launched Be Beautiful, with a strong digital and direct push. The aim: ‘make women feel more beautiful, by offering a range of services special to each of these names‘.

At the center of the campaign is the website, which offers makeovers, expert tips, customized solutions and discounts. I got some friends of mine to register and see what happens. Once the details are logged in, the follow up was diligent – in terms of SMS and phone calls. One of the registered users was overjoyed when she received a huge gift hamper in the office. The hamper contained a free lipstick sample, a booklet offering discounts and a scarf as a free gift. One of the boxes in the hamper was empty – one assumes that the friendly courier flicked a bottle of shampoo perhaps. Anyway, the huge gift hamper and it’s contents created much excitement in the office.

It seems like a multi-pronged approach to me:

– With so many international and local players participating in the skin care segment promising pretty much the same thing, it makes sense to combine the power of the individual brands into one.

– the website provides an opportunity to occupy the beauty high ground. With expert tips, two way conversations, personalized solutions and a potential to build a community it could be a platform to create loyalists

– the direct contact and direct mail components call for substantial investments but hey, this is HUL. The gift hamper was a nice touch – sure to make the recipient gush and feel good about registering at the site

– the recipients are likely to be consumers of one of the brands and it’s a nice way to cross-sell to them

It will be interesting to see how the campaign develops and the kind of returns the company gets from this initiative.

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