Coors Light: a ‘colder than’ campaign that’s hot

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Campaigns urging consumers to come up with their own ads or slogans are not new. It usually involves them scripting an ad or a slogan with some broad boundaries defined. Coors Light is running a consumer promotion in Canada, asking consumers to come up with their own baseline. But the twist is in the fact that they have been given a tight brief and the task is made simpler. Apparently, the brand plays upon the ‘coldness’ aspect of the beer using lines like ‘Colder than Kim when you called her Katie’. Now consumers have to come up with their own version of ‘colder than…’ and complete the sentence. According to Marketing Magazine, Canada:

The banner ads feature the start of the slogan with a blank space where users can complete the line for a chance to win a prize pack and have their copy included in a Coors ad. Coors Fans can also use an iPhone app to submit slogans, or send them via text. The best lines will be included on billboards across the country.

Sample this consumer generated one: colder than streaking in the dead of winter and realizing you forgot your keys.

Coors Light.jpg

I also discovered their cool way of indicating when the can of beer is ready to be ‘cold certified’- after keeping it in a refrigerator, when the mountain icon on the can turns blue. See how it works. What I liked about it was the tight brief which enabled the consumers to feel creative by simply filling in the blanks. The ease of participation was also facilitated by the way web banners, texting and iPhone was used. Cold, I mean…cool.

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