Seen and noted: Stanza Fashion

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I noticed this campaign in India Today about 2 years ago. It brought a smile to my face, made a strong impression in my mind and actually made me consider buying the brand.

Dead Fish.jpg

Ad Agency: Icecube Design & Film
Creative Director: Rafeeq Ellias
Art Director: Mangesh Rane
Copywriter: Sunil Shibad
Photographer: Rafeeq Ellias

Via: Advertising & Marketing Made Easy

Did I buy the brand? No. Partly because the brand shop near my office on M G Road shut down – but that’s another story. At least I was positively disposed. What more can one ask for from advertising?

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    • hehe. I think the way such stuff works is that the line brings a smile to your face and the overall delivery of the message (the layout, art direction, photography, the media environment) seems to have a positive effect on the reader. Likable advertising, as they say. This likability then gets transferred to the brand subliminally and positively pre-disposes one to the brand. So it ain’t about falling for a line.

      Sorry that wasn’t meant to be preachy!

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