Idea Oongli Cricket: the sleeper hit of IPL

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I didn’t get the ads the first time I saw them. Blame it on the general cacophony of the IPL telecast – I missed the audio completely. But they seemed zany enough. Now after a few viewings and watching the whole series of ads on YouTube, I’ve begun to enjoy the Oongli Cricket series from Idea. Here are 3 of my favourites:

Don’t miss the ‘Byes‘ and ‘Change of bat‘. I think the casting is spot on: I loved the sidekicks – both the peon (loved his ‘aur jor se?‘ expression in the ‘Free Hit’ ad) and Dolly. Aside from the TVCs, the idea of a question a day and linking it to ‘Oongli’ cricket was clever. I guess a single ad would not get a jaw dropping response but the series grows on you. Zany stuff – without resorting to major computer graphics or special effects. What’s more – it’s a single set and each ad is 20-seconds. ‘Demo’ of creative thinking.

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  1. Sriram Iyer Reply

    I liked it too. They're enjoyable. And you don't have to be an idea subscriber to play the game. Although I don't know how the game works, but the campaign is pretty interesting. The Run-up to the Oongli cricket campaign was good too, the Oongli exercise ones. The ZooZoos have fallen flat this year, this along with the AXE commercials are best of the lot.

    If it isn't asking for too much, then I suggest you do a best-worst of the IPL.

  2. Is it only me , or was a bigger idea intended and 'dropped'? Oongli cricket = oongli karo cricket ko. Think about some of the questions. Either way, while I also enjoy the series, I do believe they could have made it HUGE with a little more thinking thru. IMHO, as always.

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