10 great radio spots from Australia: power of the audio medium

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Radio spots played over our FM Radio stations are mostly hackneyed, amateurish (even if they use RJ voices) and plain irritating. Most of them follow a template which could be used across categories (and sadly, are), have poor production values and just don’t sound pleasant and professional. The reasons could be any or all of these : (a) certain clients see Radio as an inexpensive medium and mistakenly treat it that way (b) they think there’s great value offered by ‘smart’ media deals which Radio Stations which offer to produce the spots at no extra cost if the media buy is high enough (c) ad agency copywriters have not been trained well enough in the art of radio advertising and hence churn out trite stuff. There are tonnes of great radio campaigns which serve as inspiration. Here are a few recent ones from Australia. These were either winners or finalists at the Siren Awards, held annually by Commercial Radio Australia.


Buying a car seat? Careful where you buy it from. Loved the ambient sound effects that enhances the mood.


IKEA Holidays

The end result of poorly crafted furniture? Your kids’ vocabulary improves.

IKEA Holidays

IKEA – Navigator

You think you can escape a visit to the IKEA Store? Even your car GPS knows better.

IKEA Navigator

Carlton Mid

The print campaign was a rage last year. The radio spots are a great rendition of the idea using the audio medium.


And the radio spots:

Copycats: Carlton Mid-couple

Duets: Carlton Mid-duet

Sentences: Carlton Mid-sentences



A scene from the movie ‘Uncle Buck‘ inspired this radio spot. Brilliantly done.


What would a conversation between you and a cockroach sound like? And what would we call it?


Digital Radio

Digital Radio Shhh


The voice modulation and editing in this spot were top class.


Which one was your favourite? And next when you hear that irritating Q&A-type radio spot on the FM, how are you going to react?


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