Our Mobile Planet: pointers to the future

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Our Mobile Planet, released in 2011, has some great pointers to the future of mobile phones. The data pertaining to India is for 2011 (while for some countries like USA, the 2012 data is available) and has interesting information pertaining to smartphone usage. Here are a few interesting slides:

Source: Our Mobile Planet

Its not surprising to see the low penetration of iOS in India. I would imagine that the Android numbers would look up for the 2012 data in India. It’s interesting to see the influence of smartphones in terms of research before a product purchase or visit to the store. Also the action taken after looking for local information on the phone is interesting: 50% visited the brand website and 31% made an online purchase. Other interesting nuggets include:

– the biggest barrier to purchasing online (40% each): ‘Doesn’t feel secure’ and ‘Prefer to use computer/laptop’

– the average number of Apps on a smartphone in India: 15. Purchased in App Store: 5

– 60% of the users noticed an ad while using a search engine, followed by in-app (38%)

No wonder Google has followed this up with the ‘Let’s Talk Mo‘ initiative. Despite the buzz in the mobile space, marketers & agencies still need to do a lot optimise content for this platform. What according to you are the barriers? Do comment in.

photo credit: Johan Larsson via photo pin cc

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