Google’s ‘Let’s Talk Mo’ initiative: more power to this

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Google India has launched a new initiative called ‘Lat’s Talk Mo‘. The attempt is to highlight the importance of mobile for brands & businesses. The goal: to urge businesses to optimise their mobile presence. I think its a fantastic, much-needd initiative for India – especially for advertisers & agencies. Everyone seems to talk about the mind-blowing number of mobile subscribers in India but precious little is being done to (a) understand the connected consumer (b) optimise brand content for mobile devices (c) create engaging & relevant brand content for mobile devices – be it through ads or Apps.

The situation called for someone to take the initiative and educate the market and I am glad its Google who has taken the leadership stance. Advertisers and agencies usually take initiative on a new platform or medium after the leader ‘shows the way’. The site is typically Google: simple and easy to navigate. Behind this simplicity is a treasure trove of information, tips and guides.

I particularly liked the GoMoMeter, which shows how your current site looks on a smartphone. It doesn’t stop at that – it gives a report on the site with recommendations on how to improve it. There is also a link to a list of vendors who can help businesses develop a mobile strategy and launch a site. There are case studies, Mobile Best Practices and How-To-Guides for advertisers & agencies. Yes, Google does benefit from such initiatives in terms of mobile advertising, which is perfectly fine. It reinforces the brand’s leadership stance and builds on the Google halo. But above all, if it provides impetus to a revolutionary change in how advertisers & agencies use mobile that’d be the best outcome.

I checked my blog site on the GoMoMeter. I have a responsive WordPress theme and the WP Touch plugin installed. So if my blog is accessed on a mobile it would adapt automatically. But the meter still showed the desktop version of my blog on the mobile screen. Strange. How does my blog site look on your mobile?

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  1. RT @bhatnaturally: I am glad that someone has taken initiative to improve use of mobile by brands & businesses #digital #mobile http …

  2. RT @bhatnaturally: I am glad that someone has taken initiative to improve use of mobile by brands & businesses #digital #mobile http …

  3. RT @ad2ctweets: Check out the Let’s talk Mo blog from @bhatnaturally, ad veteran & @ad2ctweets Liker … Let’s go Mo … Naturally.. …

  4. RT @ad2ctweets: Check out the Let's talk Mo blog from @bhatnaturally, ad veteran & @ad2ctweets Liker … Let's go Mo … Naturally.. …

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