Kitkat website where nothing happens: what’s the point?

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KitKat has created a website where nothing happens. Dubbed the First Worldwide WebSite Where Nothing Happens, (oooh, how creative) this is meant to be an extension of the ‘Take a Break’ platform.


The initial loading message has a flashing list of all the things that keep us busy during the day. And then comes the page where nothing happens. If you stay long enough on the site, you might spot things happening, such as a bug flying across the screen.

Perfect example of creativity stretched too far – which is counter productive to what you set out to achieve. You poke around the website looking for something to happen and the experience leaves you irritated and feeling quite dumb to have even attempted it. The thought ‘Take a Break’ has a great potential for an online idea but this is a wasted, gimmicky effort. It might get bloggers to talk about it but I am afraid it won’t be positive things. Time for a real break.

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