W+K creates interactive Instagram game for @oldspice

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Came across this innovative new campaign on Instagram for Old Spice. We’ve seen brands conducive to great visuals (food, travel, fashion) place great looking visuals on Instagram. Here’s a campaign which not only places impactful visuals but cleverly uses the tagging function of Instagram. In the first image below, there are two accounts tagged; clicking on any one leads to another panel with the description acting as copy.

  Clicking on ‘grab_oldspice’ leads you to another panel, with a message in the description:

grab__oldspiceOh no! You succumbed to branding so quickly! A marketing researcher grabs you and you’re never heard from again. Why didn’t you explore more of the branding experience?! Go back.

Which naturally brings a smile to your face. You go back, click on the other tag and it leads you to: There is a link to the brand in the description (which acts like body copy):

go.toward.lightYou see that the light was just your reflection in a distant mirror. Wow, you look great and smell amazing too. You must’ve used that extremely cool Old Spice product back there. You notice an intimidating robot to your left. Punch the robot or talk to the robot?

Notice that the last line is a question which prompts interaction again and leads to further new panels.

While it not an ‘adventure game’ in the conventional sense, great to see such inventive use of a social media platform by a brand. Not only does it break convention of brand communication it also tweaks the platform’s tried & tested usage of posting great looking visuals. Hats off to W+K again.

Via Adweek.

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