It’s time for a break: srtikes a chord #VisitKerala

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Came across this tweet from @VisitKerala:

The ad is likely to strike a chord among many parents as it reflects reality. TV is no longer used as a nanny in many families – in fact, it is seen as a form of punishment. The mobile phone has become the default distraction tool for parents when it comes to dealing with a kid’s attention seeking behaviour or simply to keep the kid out of one’s hair. It provides temporary relief for the parents but is likely to come back to bite them, turning their kids into gadget slaves. Screen time addiction does take a toll on children (good reads here and here).

Aside from the Twitter promoted ad, there’s another ad focused which is ‘set to inspire urban Indians to take a much deserved break’:

Anyone knows which agency is responsible for these? I know Stark does a lot of work for Kerala Tourism. Good to see Indian brands take to Twitter to promote videos and that too ones based on consumer behaviour. The ads don’t rationalise why ‘only Kerala’ is the best break from gadget addiciton or typical urban stress and are generic in that sense. But the ads rely on emotional connect to associate Kerala with a break, I guess. Works for you?

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