Print advertising: return from Gulf

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I feel that the art of print advertising is on the decline in India. Take a look at some of the leading Indian dailies or magazines or even the Print Creative Showcase sections of portals like afaqs, and you’ll know what I mean. The issue: execution. Compared to the best ads from the West, Gulf or the Far East we suffer hugely on execution. A handful of ads (Luxor – Che, Charlie, Hitler) are exceptions to this and they usually are ‘December-related’.

Meanwhile, print advertising from the Gulf has made a mark of late: be it the Medal of Honor work for EA, KitKat or several others. Here are a couple of well executed print ads from the Gulf. This one’s for the Arthritis Foundation (Headline: Is every simplest task painful?):

Emirates Arthritis - switch.jpg

And this one for EMAAR’s Golf Academy:

EMAAR golf.jpg

Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai

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