Accenture – when the elephants dance, without voice over

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A new television spot for Accenture is making the rounds of ad blogs. It started off as a print campaign in the post-Tiger Wood phase – showing an elephant on a surfboard, with the headline, ‘Who says you can’t be big and nimble?’.

Check out the Director’s Cut of the commercial:

Also see the making of video, which frankly doesn’t cover much details of how the commercial was made. And oh, notice that the final commercial in the ‘making of’ video has a lot more explanatory voice over than the Director’s Cut.

In advertising, it is said that using animals (preferably talking ones) or babies is a sure shot way to get noticed. Among animals, elephants may not get as top a billing as dogs, but have been seen often enough – Nestle Rolo, Pepsi and IDBI to name a few. The Accenture ad seems to be an attempt to convey both ‘we are big but nimble’ and ‘if you are a big company, we can make you nimble’ kind of messages. Works for you?

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  1. the pachyderm is straight out of Jumbo Circus it seems.

    And in anycase this elephant is no match compared to their previous ambassador

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