Tata Sky: Asin on TV

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Tata Sky has opened a new turf in the DTH wars. With the launch of Tata Sky Plus, the attempt was to create a distance between them and the competition and not fight the game in terms of number of channels or bouquet of services. This time around, Tata Sky’s quality of service is portrayed as a differentiator. The Tamil ad features Asin, who seems to be complaining about her washing machine to the Tata Sky call centre. The premise: while you get superior service with Tata Sky, you can’t expect the same from other aspects of your life.

The series also has Kuppammaa, in which Asin wants to replace the servant maid. The link? Tata Sky replaces the set top box if it goes kaput during the warranty period. For a change, the Tamil translation works. The last line has a link to the ‘jingalala’ baseline, with a nice dig at the competition.

The approach is not new. ‘If only everything else in life was as…’ (fill in the blanks) has been used by several brands. Dunlop had a campaign in the early ’90s for it’s Spectrawide tyres with the same premise. Roping in Asin is a good move considering the success of Ghajini (PJ: will those who didn’t like the movie, call it Ghajinigandha? Hee, hee). While Asin’s presence may improve noticeability of the ad, the ads are a notch lower than the Aamir-Gul Panag series in terms of likability. Or so I think.

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