AmEx logo refresh, Monoprix and more: 4 top creative ads of the week

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Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a handful are memorable. Here are a few top creative ads which caught my eye, the week ending 13th April, 2018: American Express’ logo refresh, a corporate ad for SAP and more.

1. American Express: logo refresh

Logo changes are tricky, especially for brands which are highly visible and ‘familiar’. Very often a change results in criticism since it is easy nowadays to vent one’s feelings on social media. Many of us resist change and seeing the unfamiliar causes some discomfort. It’s happened with Google, Airtel and more. Brands like Gap had to reverse their decision after a backlash. American Express the iconic financial brand, went in for a refresh recently seeking to ;retool the iconic Blue Box logo, introduced in 1975′.

According to Pentagram, ‘the logo and other brand elements have been optimized to perform across various platforms and scales’. I particularly liked the tweak of the logo in a small square icon – typically seen in a checkout page online.

Agency: Pentagram. Read more about the project here.

2. Monoprix

Here’s a fun spot to convey a small service oriented feature from a department store in France. At over 2 minutes the spot may drag a bit but the twist in the end is worth it.

Agency: Rosapark

3. SAP: #TheBestRun

Sometimes, B2B advertising has the task of appealing to an audience who is never going to be its direct customer. Businesses like SAP aim to influence CXOs but have their task cutout to create perceptions among the general public too. Such large businesses aim to appeal to opinion leaders and project the brand as an enabler of productivity and great change in industry. Think GE for such. In this context, ‘we help the world run better’ says SAP in a charming spot.

Agency: BBDO

4. Swiggy: no order too small

Food delivery services often specify a minimum order. As a consumer I wished that I could order just one low-priced item without having to worry about a minimum price tag. A very well cast and acted spot for Swiggy conveys the promise of ‘no order too small’.

Which one was your favourite? Any other ad which caught your fancy recently? Share your thoughts.

Update: a cool spot from Coca-Cola India which caught my eye during the IPL telecast.

5. Coca-Cola: dad

I guess the carbonated drinks category needs an idea refresh ever so often to keep the buzz going in the category. A small but clever change in the labels allowed for this sweet story about a dad and his grown up son.

Agency: McCaan

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