Carlsberg: probably the best ad in the world

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The cheeky (and eminently extendable ) ‘probably the best beer in the world’ line of Carlsberg gets a new twist. Menzo, a men’s magazine carried a print ad for Carlsberg – one had to tear out the page, fold the paper along the marked lines and fold it in two. Now you can open a bottle of Carlsber with it.

Agency: DuvalGuillaume

In case you can’t access Menzo, there’s a handy pdf of the instructions. Just reinforcing the fact that in today’s marketing world, getting the consumer to engage with your brand means so much more than a TV spot. And this idea weaves in the product at the centre of the idea beautifully. I guess more user generated videos of people opening a Carlsberg with all kinds of weird things will follow. What more can a brand ask for?

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