41 creative ideas from Europa – Part Deux

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Have you seen Part Uno of this post? Without much further ado, herewith the rest of the ads:

20. Milko: ‘a near cow experience’ – the claim and the execution may seem bizarre to us in India, but I guess its a quaint way of equating ‘natural’ with the brand.

Milko - train.jpg Agency: Åkestam Holst, Sweden

21. Niedermeyer a consumer goods retail store advertised for its range of digital cameras with super zoom capability.
Niedermeyer.jpg Agency: TBWA/Vienna

22. Nintendo: several gaming brands have dramatized the addictive nature of the gaming device with the ‘hands so busy’ idea. Here’s one such:
Nintendo Prison.jpg Agency: Lowe Brindfors

23. Nurdie: a print campaign for a brand of stocking saw the funny side of the product feature: opaque stockings.
NurDie-1.jpg Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Werbeagentur

24. Globus Rutan pet food is so irresistible that inspires ‘others’ to masquerade as cats. The idea has been done by other pet food brands, but this is still funny.
Rutan-owl.jpg Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Germany

25 & 26: Siemens: brilliant series of ads to dramatize the claim ‘the quietest vacuum cleaner in its class’.
Siemens - chess.jpg
Siemens - concert.jpg
Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Germany

27. Smint: speak closer is the proposition. The idea of seeing it from the perspective of the user gave the visuals a dramatic twist.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Lisbon

28. Soho – a brilliant series of ads to dramatize the benefit of high heels, ‘walk in the clouds’.
Soho 2.jpg Agency: Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Zurich

29. Sony PSP: one of my favourite ideas in this series – it makes you chuckle and drives home the point of addictive gaming cleverly.
Sony PSP.jpg
Agency: Agency:TBWA Espana

30. Spontex: ‘super absorbent’ is the claim. Brilliant art direction.
Agency: TBWA/Paris

31 & 32: These ads are cool media innovations for Sprite, to drive home the point of ‘No Sugar, No Bull’. The first ad, a double spread presented a pretty picture. The instructions (fold on dotted lines so that A meet B – made famous by MAD Magazine) present a different picture altogether.
Sprite-2.jpg Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Hope you enjoyed this set of ads. Any favourites? Part 3 of this post coming soon.

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