Best of Indian print ads 2011: a telling story

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The Dainik Bhaskar group launched Mosaic, a collection the best Indian print advertising of 2011. This is a wonderful and much needed effort to give print advertising a renewed impetus in India.

Here are a few ads from Mosaic (you can download the full issue from here).

In the UK and Australia, newspaper marketing associations come together to promote the print medium to advertisers & agencies. They do it by showcasing innovative use of space in the the print medium. educating agencies about the power of print and rewarding great print ads through awards (ANNAs in the UK for example).  To a generation of creative minds that has grown up in the TV and digital age, educating them about the various aspects of the print medium is critical. The medium allows for great topical work (see more here, here, here and here) not to mention provide opportunity for great writing, be it with the headlines or even with long copy and base lines.

Here’s to more such initiatives to promote the print medium in India. The new generation of copywriters are visual thinkers and their writing skills especially when it comes to crafting copy is suspect. I must say that compared to the quality of writing in the early 90s (perhaps the golden era of Indian print advertising), the 2011 pales in comparison. And therein lies a story. Advertising is story telling alright.

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