‘Proud Sponsor of Moms’: epic idea

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The ‘Thank You, Mom‘ campaign by Procter & Gamble continues to tug at heartstrings with their latest version – in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

What works for this campaign is not just the wonderful execution but the deep resonance the central idea has with both moms & kids. What’s more P&G demonstrates that they understand what it means to be a marketer in the new media age – they did not just stop at mouthing platitudes through a TV commercial the did something. The sponsorship involved the cost of travel and accommodations, allowing moms to support the athletes in person during the Games during the last Winter Olympics, setting up Procter & Gamble ‘Family Home’, a meeting place for athletes and families to watch events, eat, and pick up tickets. On Facebook, they have launched the worlds largest virtual wave for USA fans.

Gold, for Olympic marketing.

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  1. Almas Nazeer Reply

    Its better and more touching than the official promo Video of London Olympic 2012

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