31 examples of great craft in print ads

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Execution is 80% of the success ingredient – we’ve come across this maxim in our professional lives so often. In advertising, there are instances of some great creative ideas suffering from poor execution or worse still, being unable to execute them at all because of their complexity. Of late, the global creative community has paid great attention to the execution aspect of an idea – be it art direction, photography, illustration, computer graphics or simply minute detailing. South American countries like Brazil & Argentina and Thailand from Asia have created some jaw dropping work in the print medium.

Here’s a selection of work that I liked from the Cannes Lions 2012 winners list.

Liked the ads? Do comment in with your favorite ones.

Images sourced from: Cannes Lions 2012 website, Ads of the World & I Believe In Advertising.

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  1. Hello sir,

    I liked the post and thanks.

    But there is one doubt thats lingering around my head. In the JVC ad why are the people in the container. Atmost I can guess that as focal shot! Please help!

    • Hello Chetan. In the JVC ads, people are shown inside 'trash cans' – to represent the idea that you can delete them later & choose the best shot.

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