‘This Girl Can’ campaign: insight driven creative

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To encourage more women to take up sport and physical exercise, Sport England has launched a new marketing campaign in the UK. Absolutely loved it.

The problem, as outlined in the FCB Inferno website: ‘two million less women than men participate in exercise regularly in England, forming a gender gap that exists across all ages. And it is predicted to grow’. At the heart of the campaign is a brilliantly articulated insight: ‘at the core of almost all barriers lies the fear of being judged: about appearance, ability, or simply spending time exercising.’ The campaign features real women and has some of the best lines in recent times: “Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox”, “Feeling hot and not bothered” and “I kick balls, deal with it”.


#ThisGirlCan 2

#ThisGirlCan 3

To me the film was also refreshing because it wasn’t preachy and shorn off the oft-seen athletic models pushing the limits of physical endurance. And the tone of voice was positive, confident and unapologetic.

Agency: FCB Inferno

The campaign is fast gaining popularity on social media with the creatives being eminently share worthy. Loved them.

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