Product as hero in the digital age of advertising

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One of the earliest lessons in advertising is to ‘always make the product the hero’. When practiced well it makes for memorable advertising. Most of the advertising we like has this element – the product and its key feature is always central to the story. Sure there are other kinds of ads where the product or brand is incidental which maybe effective too – but that is leaving a lot to chance…on the creative execution. Anyway, I am digressing – the new campaign for Temptations, a brand of cat food from Mars Inc., is doing the round of ad blogs and social networks. Not surprisingly, it is smack bang on about the product.

It also leverages what works well in the digital media from a share-worthy point of view: cat videos. Combine the two and you’ve got a compelling video.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

The print ads are brilliant too – but I guess they work best after you’ve seen the video.




Loved it. Remember the recent #CatswithThumbs ads for Cravendale?

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