Canara Bank: we all love for these to change

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It’s everywhere you go – outdoor, on your TV and for me, even in my bank. I am talking about the new Canara Bank campaign. It another PSU bank’s attempt to go hip. Unfortunately, the effort seems to be limited to a new advertising campaign and a logo.Nothing’s changed at the bank.

The advertising idea is built on a good insight – we do change for the one’s we care. But it sounds so hollow without any real effort from the bank. The ad says, ‘wahi muskuraate chehere aur nayi technology’ is the reason for the change. What a load of drivel.

The other day, I was at the Bank after it’s working hours just to drop a cheque. The employees who were still there were minding their own business and engagin in banter. The topic was the new camapign. It was obvious from their tone that they didn’t think much of it. One said, sarcastically, ‘Hey we are an MNC bank now, eh? What next, braches in Nepal?!’. And they expect consumers who have a positive equity towards private banks to consider Canara Bank? And because they advertising says, so?

The only people laughing must be the agency folks. All they way to er…their bank.

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