Flipkart’s ‘India Wants To Know’: happy that consistency pays off

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By now,  Flipkart’s advertising has earned a signature look on television. The use of ‘kids as adults’ has done wonders in building brand affinity. Of course, just deciding to use that creative device doesn’t guarantee success – there has to be a solid strategy and distinct creative to go along with it. The attempt to use Flipkart as a now and own the category (‘I don’t shop anymore, I just Flipkart it’) was a huge milestone for the brand, signalling leadership stance. Kudos to Happy Creative Services for delivering consistently on the brand.

Agency: Happy

The ad has already generated a lot of buzz on social media and the reasons are obvious: Arnab is a favourite topic of discussion on Twitter. The spoof on the usual suspects who appear on talking-head TV shows (like Suhel Seth) triggers imagination in our own heads about their mannerisms, sound bites and so on. Also everyone has their favourite talking ahead (aside from Arnab) – mine was that poor fellow who only got to raise his hand but never managed to get in a word edgeways. Good to see consistency in today’s advertising when the urge to change a creative idea (‘how long will we keep on running this?’) is high.

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