Dirt is good: so is the idea

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The Persil UK site says this about the ‘Dirt is good’ idea: Years of scientific study by child health experts shows that experiential learning and playing outdoors is an essential part of a child’s learning and development. We believe it is only when you are free to get dirty that you truly experience life and develop. Dirt is experience, dirt is good. In India, we have seen this idea [‘Daag achche gain’] executed brilliantly by Lowe Lintas since 2008 for Surf Excel. [Did it travel globally from India?].

In India we’ve mostly seen memorable TV spots on this campaign idea. A print campaign for OMO based on the same idea won a Silver in the Press Category at Cannes Lions 2012.


Agency: DLKW Lowe, UK

Lovely copy and art effort.

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  1. "Daag achche hain" is a good idea hidden within the contraints of producing a commercial within a budget-defined slot. If the idea had been linked to a blog, video/audio feeds on the psychology behind the platform, it would have gained ground in terms of comprehension and wider acceptance.

    At the moment, it just begins and ends with the line…

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