Philips versus conventional advertising

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A few years ago, Philips embarked on a global corporate image campaign with the tag line ‘Sense and sensibility’. It was an era of conveying the ‘real’ you through advertising, to an audience who perceived you to be something else. It was particularly true of Philips in India, having been around in this country for so long that it was taken for granted that it was a domestic and therefore ‘not-so-sexy’ brand. How times have changed!

To convey the quality of it’s products, Philips has launched a new campaign Philips Versus. The attempt is to pit Philips against an unusual competitor: Philips vs. The Sun and Philips vs. Wolfboy are two examples released as YouTube videos.


The campaign’s Twitter page is the hub of sorts.

Philips_vs_anything you can imagine in 140 characters. We challenge you to challenge us for the chance to win a Cinema 21:9 TV & worldwide fame.

One can quibble about the slightly staged manner in which the YouTube videos are executed but I quite liked the ‘Philips versus’ thought. Some of the tweets include:

Philips Iron GC1110 vs Spa. Lets see if the the iron´s steam could fill a sauna room.
I’d test Philips’ Walita Juicer against a Sumo athlete foot smash!
Lets see if a Philips Living Colors lamp can match a backgroundcolor as fast a real life chameleon! (maybe faster?)

Some of the entries include a full-fledged print campaign from a consumer. A fun way of getting consumers engaged with your brand. And along came the news that the Grand Prix in the Film category at the Cannes 2009 went to the digitally focused campaign for Philips Cinema 21:9. All these will go a long way in making the brand cool. Quite unlike the good old corporate campaign.

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