Another summer, another cola ad

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I find the cola ads for this season tiresome already. And its not even peak of summer yet.

Coca-Cola: a clever baseline and a catchy jingle does not an ad, make. Or does it? Coca-Cola is the magic passport to ‘good times with friends & food’ is the thought. ‘Food, friends & Thumps Up’ happened in the early ’90s. The jalebis and samosas have more screen time than Hrithik. Even Hrithik has a bored look.

Pepsi: wtf of the year, thus far

7-Up: whatever happened to lovable Fido Dido? Why is he only in the last frame? Why are they trying to be oh-so-clever with puns in Hinglish?

Sprite: thank God for this! An idea that is true to the brand proposition, told without a fuss.

Thumps Up: nice follow up to last year’s action packed stuff. Akshay seems to be in his elements – be it in feature films or ads nowadays. Another hit delivered by Akshay.

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