Pepsi Pass: it’s the new generation again

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Pepsi’s new ad, titled ‘Pass’ showcases Pepsi as a witness to history. Hmm, any brand that’s been around for 50 years or more can lay claim to this?

How is this unique to Pepsi and not to Coke? It’s not. And isn’t saying ‘part of every generation’ exactly the opposite of ‘choice of the new generation’? The latter tangentially said that Pepsi is not your grandfather’s drink – and this one says just that. Anyway, the track and the art direction makes it look refreshingly different. Check out the hi-res version at Coloribus (22MB) – the ad literally jumps off the screen.

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  1. Yes, did you get to see the hi-res version? Wonder what they did with the tinting – looks damn good.

  2. Because Coke’s never talked about generations the same way Pepsi has. Never. The global feel does make it feel more like a Coke ad, but it sounds like the author is hung up on a USP where the brand ‘was’ for the last 3 decades in their head. The ad asks the next generation to refresh the world. Spot on for the times, and where Pepsi’s been with its brand in the past.

  3. @Brick, this is a nice ad. The execution is makes it enjoyable. But hung up? Moi? I am not totally familiar with Pepsi’s recent advertising in the US, but one of the enduring images of Pepsi is the slogan ‘choice of the new generation’. This one says ‘it’s been there, done that…now, its your turn’.

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