Kraft’s iFood Assistant: mobile marketing at its best

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More than the iPhone itself, the App Store is a bigger ‘game changing idea’. By allowing third party developers to create applications that are both entertaining and useful (not counting the ‘I am Rich‘ application of course), it is changing the way a mobile phone is used. Not true in India, sadly thanks to the iPhone debacle here.


Among the brands who have jumped on to the iPhone apps bandwagon, Kraft seems to have got it right. Their iFood Assistant, available for $0.99 at the iTunes store (link, not available in India) ‘brings simple, delicious food ideas, anytime and anywhere you go’. It is now one of iPhone’s 100 most popular paid apps, and No. 2 in the lifestyle category. It features recipes (incorporating Kraft products) and shopping lists – both of which are downloadable. There are a number of instructional videos and step-by-step directions for making dishes. All this data resides with Kraft. Data which can be immensely useful in product development & marketing. As AdAge says, consumers are willing to pay for utility and convenience. And what aides such a transformation in mobile marketing is iPhone and App Store. Ah, that feels good – I haven’t plugged Apple for a while in this blog.

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