Apple, Mac and summer camps?!

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As a parent, I can understand when people fret about keeping their kids occupied during the summer holidays. Typically, summer camps and activity programmes are seen as answers to keep the kids out of your hair during summer.

Today, I heard a radio spot inviting children to take part in a creative activity at the Apple reseller outlets in Bangalore. The spot invited kids to make movies and get creative with digital photos on the Macs, for free. Interesting initiative from the Apple folks in India to get kids used to Macs. And in the bargain get the parents to shelve a few bucks on the iPods, eh?

The Apple Stores in the US conduct free, hour-long workshops on topics like getting started on a Mac, podcasting, working with GarageBand, iPhoto and iMovie. They also have personal customized one-to-one training for Mac newbies. Our outlets are nowhere near the Apple Stores in terms of size and scale of operation. But it’s heartening to see efforts to get Macs into the consideration set of the young generation.

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