My Macbook – the saga continues

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I promise not to inflict on you, dear reader any more of my stories on the yellow-tinted-Macbook. Unless of course I have some good news. I wrote a part-pleading-part-miffed mail to the Apple re-seller in Bangalore and they have promised to forward the same to Apple. I have also mailed some friends in the Apple community to ‘take up the issue’.

The gist of my problem: I am now living with a faulty Macbook (see pic), which if the engineer at Apple is to be believed, will deteriorate further over time. I have a Mac whose exchange value is close to zero. Even if I want to upgrade to the unibody Macbook or Pro, I doubt if there will be any takers for this machine. So the much revered Apple designed hardware has not lasted even 3 years and I just have to wait till it dies on me? So much for being a loyal Apple fan. Pissing off or disappointing one Apple fan in Bangalore may not mean much for the folks at Cupertino…or does it? Let’s wait and see.

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