Cadbury Bournvita hopes to make Sania-like Li’l Champs

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Smart extension this – Bournvita getting into the young children segment. Cadbury Bournvita Li’l Champs, a nutrition supplement ‘for 2 to 5 year olds ‘with the goodness of natural ingredients and the power of 20 scientific nutrients. It contains DHA, which is vital for brain and vision development in the formative years of a child’. The campaign features Sania Mirza as the brand ambassador and urges moms to see her in their kids; the sub-brand ‘Li’l Champs’ reflects that (when they could have called it Bournvita Junior).

I liked the way Sania has been used in the TVC – a literal manifestation of her as ‘your kid’. Unlike the expected ‘Wanna be like me? Drink this!’ kind of approach. As the father of a 3-year old, the idea of a specialist drink for that age appeals to me (not that I am a big fan of Sania). The target audience would have grown up with Bournvita and would have a positive equity towards the brand. At Rs.90 for 200g and Rs.175 for 500g it’s appeal would be restricted to upper middle class and above. The packaging is interesting – akin to a building block. Will it strengthen the Bournvita franchise?

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  1. Nice execution. I am not a great fan of Sania Mirza either, but I understand the lack of other young female role models who are glamourous yet not filmy types.

    Totally not relevant, but the comment section when empty reads It’s quite in here! Shouldn’t that be quiet?

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  2. Mrs. Payal Jain mother of 4 years old Pari Jain Reply

    hello all,
    I payal want to share what my four year daughter has commented on seeing the add…
    She predicted the add. very unusually and said cutely to me that mom from today onwords i will not drink bournvita because wen we drink this we will also become small as Saniya turns into a small girl after drinking bournvita…….. i know the add has been made with all together with wise concept but i wanted to share my daughter’s mind because for me it haS become really difficult to convince her to drink bournvita…

    with regards
    Payal Jain
    w/o Nikhil Jain

  3. Thanks for the comment. Kids can totally surprise you with their point of view. Sorry that the ad didn’t help your kid see the Bournvita story!

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