Nimbooz and LMN: it’s cool to be desi

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Frankly, I think the Nimbooz label is ghastly. What’s with that font – a tribute to the ’80s? Can’t say the same about the product idea though. A lemon drink is by far the next best alternative to water when it comes to quenching thirst and when it comes in bottled form from 7Up, there should be takers. If the pricing is right and there’s enough appeal on the imagery front, it should do well. Going by the launch efforts, the emphasis seems to be on the OOH front – I quite liked the idea of a wooden squeezer as the mnemonic.

The TVC attempts to dramatize the ‘as real as the asli nimbu paani’ bit with the wooden squeezer etc. And also attempts to lay claim to the desi bit with a ‘we are like this only’ type idea.

I think the film falls between two stools. The ‘uniquely Indian’ way of doing things has potential but whistling for a taxi as epitomizing it is a bit lame. Parle Agro has joined this bandwagon with their offering – LMN. I prefer this brand name & packaging to Nimbooz.

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  1. Tasted LMN yesterday, for the sole reason of the brand name and was just a Rs.10 tetrapack. It tastes really good. Very distinct taste unlike the normal nimbu paani or the flavoured one like Rasna. Havn’t seen Nimbooz on the shelves yet.

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