Axe Googly: is the slip showing?

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The advertising for Axe (or Lynx in some countries) has gone a long way in building the brand. It helped create a halo around Axe as essential accessory for the chic magnet. And the advertising has always been talked about – for its inventiveness and creativity. At the centre of it is the crazed obsession women have for the Axe man and it has been executed in many ways. In terms of tone of voice, it was a mass-priced product with a premium imagery – it was pitched to the slightly more sophisticated tastes. They bring a smile to your face – check out the ‘Axe-massage’ ad here.

In this context, have you seen the Axe Googly online effort? The banners over at the Indiatimes IPL streaming page take you to the Axe Googly home featuring videos of cricketing terms explained the Axe way. The best of Axe advertising left a little unsaid and implied that girls go to great lengths to get the Axe man. There was an element of naughtiness in them (Axe Chocolate man) and the ads made for entertaining viewing. When it gets raunchy and in-your-face like the Axe Googly videos, it is appealing to the lowest common denominator of the audience. Yes, internationally too they have had such raunchy efforts (like the Keely Hazell ones in the UK or the Lynx Jet in Australia).

Does this personality of Axe affect the likeability of the brand? Do comment in.

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  1. Random Passer-by Reply

    This personality of Apple? What's the relevance?

    Now you're just throwing the name in at every opportunity you get, even if unwarranted. 🙂

      • Random Passer-by Reply

        Makes sense now… I honestly thought there was something there I couldn't grasp. Oh well… it happens to everyone.

  2. Nima Namchu Reply

    The VO sounds like it came from an audi-visual made for a PSU in the 90s. 🙂

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