Norlis Bookstore – social media detox strikes a chord

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Social Media addiction is a modern ‘ailment’ for which many have found self-medication in the form of detox. It is quite common to see regular users of social media platforms (especially Twitter) take a complete break; some vow to stay away from such platforms during family occasions or even on weekends. Such a realisation has come by voluntarily and not through any stimulus driven by advertising campaigns. Such activities are seen as necessary to maintain a balance in life and not be a slave to social media. As an extended thought it is believed that spending too much time on social media is harmful and that ‘real world’ activities like spending time withe ones loved ones, being disconnected from the internet and experiencing nature are far more fulfilling.

Book store brands have taken full advantage of this attitude and have mounted campaigns dramatizing the joy of reading. This one from Norlis Bookstore in Norway taps into that belief well.




Agency: Anti, Oslo


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