Locationgate and the undue obsession with Apple

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So Apple finally sent out an official response to the location-tracking controversy this week. For almost 10 days prior to that many have been getting their knickers in a twist over the location tracking system in iPhones & iPads. Sure, companies should not take undue advantage of a user’s personal information that it may gather. Personal information should also not fall into the wrong hands – hackers and such like.

When it come to personal information on my computer what should I be more worried about? Personal data like emails, documents and such like or information pertaining to where I’ve been? Between the two, I care two hoots about someone finding out where I’ve been based on the iPhone location data. The ‘discovery’ of location tracking methods in an iPhone is like having a found a new stick to beat Apple with (members of the US Congress have also called in Apple to explain things). Even though Apple has given credible reasons for location mapping and the next steps (software update) the storm has not died down – both from Apple baiters & fan boys.

Which brings me to the undue attention Apple gets in media. This week we had news of the Playstation Network being hacked: an “unauthorized person” now has access to all PlayStation Network account information and passwords, and may have obtained the credit card numbers of the service’s 70 million users. Jesus. But where’s the hullaballoo around that news? Some of the frenzied reaction to every move of Apple – predicting future launches, releasing ‘photo’s of upcoming products and so on could be put down as the price the company pays for high expectations. Everyone expects Apple to do something extraordinary. And then there are those who wait for the company to make a mistake. So that they can point fingers and laugh at Apple. Both of which are over the top reactions. What say?

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