Chandni Chowk to China…to Apple start page

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Another sign of Hindi movies getting international marketing exposure – Chandni Chowk to China makes it to the Apple start page. As with Hollywood movies, the movie has a promo page and trailer at Apple’s trailers website.

Chandni Chowk.jpg

The trailers are also available on iTunes (link). The international exposure is not surprising given that its a Warner Bros. Picture. The trailer compares well with the Hollywood movies in slickness quotient. I remember Farhan Akhthar’s Don getting prominence on the iTunes web store some time back. Good to see the spin doctors in the Hindi film industry resorting to slick promotions. Will the film match the hype?

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  1. More importantly, will they stop making silly spelling errors? Definintion? Funny, this is not the first Warner Bro poster I saw with a typo. Don’t quite remember the other one sadly

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