iPhone 3G: faster, cheaper, better?

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The expected announcement came: iPhone 3G will be faster (36% faster than Nokia N95 is the claim), cheaper ($200 for 8-gigabyte model and $300 for a 16-gigabyte model). Will it be better? That remains to be seen.

Apple also said that the new iPhone will be launched July 11 and will be present in 70 countries (including India) soon. Curiously, New York Times claims that China, India and Russia are not among the countries that will have ‘official iPhone 3G distribution’. Whatever that means. The map put up at the event had India in red (along with the US) and the Apple website also lists India under ‘coming soon’.

Interesting to see what strategy Apple adopts in mobile-advanced markets like China & India.

Another ‘potentially huge’ service revealed at the event was Mobile Me, dubbed as ‘Exchange for the rest of us’. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac & PC it is a way to sync multiple devices – access and manage email, contacts, calendar, photos, and files in one place. For a price, of course.

I recently paid about $300 for an 8GB iPod Touch. Now for that price, there is a 16GB iPhone. Sigh. Price of technology and all that.

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  1. salivating, huh?
    I too have to consider upgrading from my ‘old’ iphone.

  2. Luckily I saved a friend from buying a 16GB iphone, just in time!

    I wonder whether the grey market imports (which will happen soon enough) will be unlockable.

    Will have to wait and watch.

    Also, do you think the new launch will dampen the festivities planned around the Indian launch?

  3. I think the Indian launch will get even more exciting. At comparable prices (note that I did not say comparable phones, ‘coz it is incomparable?!), you will not get these features in other handsets. Even phones with these kind of features (music + browsing) cost 16k onwards and in terms of experience not a match.

  4. Saw the article in ET. Finally it is worth the wait. I nearly picked up the iphone last year ( the price and illegality of owning one was a strong deterrent ). The price is absolutely unbeatable assuming it is 2k more than US , it is indeed worth it ( assuming the government charges extra for it will be imported + Airtel, Vodafone charge a premium to cash in on the rage) it will be only be Rs 1ok ( 8 GB) and 14k ( 16 GB).

    I just hope the rupee appreciates more than the dollar during the launch time let’s say 30 rupees to a dollar (sorry I am true blooded indian- only for this moment pls excuse) , will go and buy the protective covers just in case the country runs out of covers during the launch and I think I will shift operators if Vodafone lags behind , no I will kill the pup- whatever . I will go now -too excited and definitely having the last laugh…..

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