iPhone applications from India: taking you closer to God

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The top 10 paid iPhone applications at the iTunes India store (at the time of writing) include action games, radio and a religious app –  the Hanuman Chalisa. The last category is as yet, an untapped one. A photo of a deity is a pretty common feature in most work stations. Virtual poojas on PCs, religious desktop wallpapers, screen savers and such like are also common. There are several apps already catering to the religious but it is perhaps not realized the full potential given the low volumes of the iPhone in India.

Not surprisingly, Robosoft (located where my roots are – Udupi  – who would have thought!) has launched two new apps recently: Shri Vishnu Prarthana and Shri Durga Prarthana. Both the apps should have an appeal to the NRI crowd who seem to be more rooted to Indian traditions and values compared to Indians living here. Read more about the apps here.


Incidentally, the applications developed from India include iCarbon – which helps you calculate your individual carbon footprint (iTunes link), a meditation application with OM sounds and of course ones based on cricket, movies and music (the staple diet of Indians). Quite a diverse set, but not as diverse as the ones available in the US store perhaps.

India doesn’t seem to be a priority for Apple. There are some changes recently in Apple India which hopefully lead to re-jigging of priorities. And if the iPhone prices go southward (I have my doubts) in India, apps such as the Vishnu Prarthana will definitely see a boom. Who wouldn’t like God on his side 24×7?

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for reviewing our App. We think this App is a must for every devotee of Goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu who own an iPhone. The best way to start your day! It lets you perform Aarti, shower flowers on the deity.

    Here’s hoping that people will benefit from this App.

  2. Applications work so well in the US because they have location based services and also good 3G. Location Based services enable several creative and utility applications such as Loopt, Open Table, etc. 3G enables users to share information – pictures etc easily. An interesting bit I read today was that the IPhone became the most popular camera through which pictures are uploaded onto Flickr. Take that Canon!

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