Thank You, Steve Jobs

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It’s common for celebrities and statesmen to evoke feelings of adulation from the public. We all have our role models in the sports arena, we may admire some politicians or film stars. We feel happy when they achieve success and sad when something bad happens to them. And all this even if we’ve never met them – we form our perceptions by their actions and what we read about them in media.

While its common for sports stars, entertainers and (some) politicians to affect us personally in some way, very rarely do captains of industry evoke such awe, respect and more importantly, affinity.

Steve Jobs, was one such role model for many around the world, including yours truly. He and the culture he created at Apple have come to be admired by millions across the world. No wonder that the news of his resignation from Apple has created such a buzz. The news of his resignation left me saddened deeply. Amazing that a mere resignation of a company CEO should evoke such intense reactions. That’s the power of Steve Jobs and Apple.

All I can say is, Thank You Steve –  here’s wishing you good health.


Companies strive to create brands that resonate with consumers and build loyalty for their brands. Steve Jobs creates several such brands and took loyalty to a new level: the army of Mac evangelists who are proud to be Mactards.  This tweet from @rameshsrivats sums it all up.

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