IKEA, YouTube and Facebook: Happy to Bed

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I remember seeing the new IKEA ad for the UK market (created by Mother) over at some ad blog. According to Campaign Live:

The integrated campaign, by Mother, aims to widen bedtime beyond brushing your teeth, taking off any makeup and putting on pyjamas and enacourge people to celebrate bedrooms and make them a “happy destination to go to sleep”.

Given this objective, the TV spot charms its way to your heart. Good old, classic principles of advertising Рmake the advertising likable and let it rub off on to the brand. But since its circa 2011, when every brand must have a Facebook fan page and every campaign a QR-code tucked in some where, some marketers take a check list approach to presence in New Media. Not IKEA. Their new initiative on YouTube is truly remarkable.

Head up to IKEA UK’s YouTube page. You’ll be asked to log in with your Facebook account. Based on your choice of ‘no. of people win the bedroom’, a personalized bedroom is then created – complete with picture frames that pull in pictures from your Facebook profile page. Intel did a similar exercise recently with the ‘Intel Museum of Me’ where the app pulled in all your pictures and created a museum.

I liked the IKEA approach even more because it integrates the brand beautifully, is hard wired into the campaign proposition and more importantly – encourages purchase. The items highlighted in your ‘personalized bedroom’ are available for purchase at IKEA’s online store – complete with their price listed.¬†Awesome.


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