Blurring of promotion, stunt and going viral: the new PR

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North Face is a an apparel, footwear and gear brand that ‘inspires athletes to never stop exploring’. In Seoul, the brand created a stunt in a pop-up store and the video (currently at 6.5mn views) has gone viral.

Agency: Innored

Needless to say, it is a fantastic idea – with the product at the centre and an execution which reinforces the brand proposition of ‘never stop exploring’. While many brands attempt such activations and promotions in the hope of going viral, very few succeed. Such videos are also a great leveller for brands; it does not really matter if the brand is a well-known MNC or a small regional brand – all brand videos get a shot at becoming famous. It is also a manifestation of the blurred lines between media & platforms today: is this Outdoor, PR, promotional event, activation, brand experience or just advertising? We live in interesting times.

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