Walkers ‘Do us a flavour’: making the consumer feel special

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Here is a great promo idea from Walkers, UK’s No.1 crisps brand. The idea: consumers are invited to invent and choose the new flavour for Walkers. The carrot: £50,000 first prize plus 1% of future sales of their flavour!

What blew me was the incentive to get a share of the ‘potential sales’ of the brand. And they have made the process simple: send in the name of the flavour and a picture of what inspired them. So it could be a dish in a curry house – all you need is a picture of it and a name. Consumers can upload it on the promo website. The site has a gallery and celebrity ideas.

While the promo idea is great, can’t say the same about the ad though. It uses Gary Lineker the long standing brand ambassador of Walkers and delivers an interesting message in dull fashion.

Baingan bharta flavour, anyone?

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