When brands urge you to get out and play: gimmick or real?

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They say too much of anything is bad. And when kids watch too much TV or teens hang out all day in the online world, some marketers find an opportunity in urging them not to be couch potatoes and computer slaves . You must have read about Nickelodeon’s new initiative in India urging kids to go out and play. It is meant to encourage an active lifestyle and outdoor play. The channel, Nick will kick off the project by going blank for half an hour on Sep 27th.

Another brand which is attempting to do something similar is the chewing gum brand, Dentyne. This campaign (originally from Canada) is targeting the Facebook generation and includes posters, a microsite – urging consumers to get off their computers and make face time.


I particularly liked the ‘Friend request accepted’. Am not sure if the teens who this is targeted at will like it though. Yes, with Dentyne there is a fit with the product category – you don’t have to smell good while accepting a friend request in the online world. But chewing gums help you smell better when ‘making face time’.

But don’t such efforts make the brand sound preachy? And hence make it your father’s brand?

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