Oreo’s Dublin Twist: triggering social media buzz for the brand again

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Mondelez has launched their first-ever outdoor campaign in Ireland for Oreo, called the ‘Dublin Twist’. The brand’s ‘Daily Twist’ campaign won big at awards last year including the Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix. The press release says: the “Dublin Twist” campaign will blanket the city with OREO’s homage to local landmarks and special events. The playful outdoor ads use the iconic white crème and the distinctive exterior of “America’s Favourite Cookie” to suggest fifteen different sites for Dubliners to visit together. These include visiting the Hugh Lane Gallery, completing the maze in the Iveagh Gardens or attending the Bram Stoker Festival.

Oreo_Abbey_Theatre_48 Oreo_Archaeology_48 Oreo_Art_in_the_Square_48 Oreo_Dublin_Writers_Museum Oreo_GAA_Gallery_of_Photography_48 Oreo_National_Science_Week Oreo_Tattoo_Convention Oreo_The_Maze

Agency: DraftFCB London. See more here.

Loved the ‘Gallery of photography’ and ‘Art in the Square’ ones. Oreo has killed it in the past with their topical ads during the Super Bowl event. And their advertising and other creative content also trigger  priceless social media sharing and buzz around the brand. It is likely to be repeated with Dublin Twist. Well done, DraftFCB and Oreo.

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