Axe Fixer Show: buzz worthy social media stuff

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Axe has just launched an awesome online campaign called The Fixer Show for it’s range of shower gel and body spray. For us in India, it’s a revelation of sorts on how far behind we are behind we are in planning and executing (especially executing) online campaigns.

With the simple premise of Axe will fix you up (tongue firmly in cheek), the campaign (including a YouTube channel) centers around the website. The TVCs may not be all laugh-out loud funny but they have a huge viral potential in being quirky. The website with almost TVC-quality graphics, hosts a ‘talk show’ about questionable hook-ups and pranks on your friends. The episodes are based on the variants on offer Snake Peel, Shock, Recovery and Fever. The website has stuff to upload your friend’s photo and pull a prank – not exactly new but the overall slickness of production is drool-worthy. Mentos had tried something similar with their MentosHelpline here in India – which in itself was a great idea and well executed for it’s time (a long time ago – last year). In comparison, the Mentos site has a lot of distracting elements like character bios. While it had it’s interactive elements too, the Axe effort seems several notches above in terms of execution. I guess this how online campaigns will pan out soon in India too – a great mix of rich media, a theme, interactive elements and above all else, great production.

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