Philippine Tourism: it’s more fun in social media

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There’s no telling what goes viral in social media nowadays. A recent slogan for Philippine Tourism, ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines‘ has caught the fancy of consumers in social media.

Agency: BBDO Guerrero

As far as tourism slogans go the line follows the trend of describing the feeling of visiting a country, creating an aura of expectation: Incredible India, Surprising Singapore and so on. In today’s media world the spontaneous reaction to the slogan from consumers, who are adding their own version of what’s more fun in Philippines is creating the pass along value.

There are some cribs about this campaign idea being a copy of a 1951 ad from Switzerland, with the same slogan. I think one of the measures how true a country slogan feels like is when the countrymen themselves have a ‘buy in’ to that slogan. Malaysians are likely to believe that their country is ‘truly Asia’ and Singaporeans believe that its full of surprises. It should not come across as a mere marketing slogan without any ‘proof’ or meet. Given the reaction to ‘It’s more fun in Philippines’ looks like Filipinos believe in it too. And the digital media simply allows for quick and great amplification.

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