KamaSutra urges you to send some rubber, virtually

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KamaSutra condoms have set up the ‘Send some rubber‘ website through which you can send a virtual rubber, with a message to a friend. And the next time your friend types the word ‘sex’ while surfing, messaging or chatting, the rubber you choose will drop down with the message you wrote.

Send rubber.jpg

So the attempt is to build awareness and stay ‘on mind’ even if the rubber is not in the pocket. Interesting, but a bit too intrusive? Aren’t there enough pop-ups on a PC already – from Adobe Reader to your Virus Scans, everything seems to pop up at inappropriate moments. And most PC applications – IM clients, Real Player have this nasty habit of automatically opening when your machine boots up. I haven’t seen the site being promoted online but this is a good way of taking leadership stance.

Aside: the website is creation of friends at Hungry & Foolish. Do check them out.

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  1. Hey Lucky,

    Was doing some professional vanity searching :-). And came across this post. Thanks for the nice words man.

  2. Happy & Foolish is doing the kind of work we’ve talked about at various points in time, but never got around to executing. Great stuff, brave and probably showing the rest of us the way forward. Loved this particular application, as also the other work. Long live & prosper, i say.

  3. Ramesh, cool! Saw the coverage on ET Now today too. Harshal, I am just the messenger. Good work by Hungry & Foolish.

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